The Qi of Evian


Chapter 1 - The Traveling Chaos

In a distant future, humans and extraterrestrials made first contact. Gods of these beings would engage in warfare of all sorts for prayers and sacrifices. Similar to race and territory tensions on earth, these extraterrestrial encounters caused a magnification of interstellar xenophobia. Being directly told of the innerworkings of piety, Holy wars ensued throughout the cosmos. These "holy crusades" incited the powerful to dominate the helpless, and the oppressed to be forced into devotion of the ruling God of the land.


Evian, an almighty combat genius woman treks, the universe in search of her forgotten past and the mysteries of existence. With her chosen disciples, this goddess brings freewill to the minds of this chaotic world with merciless resolve.

Chapter 2 - The Dragon's Fang of War

Evian, a woman with supernatural combat skills crossed paths with Maya, a stranger in her current existence with shared fragmented memories as friends in a past life. With Evian’s latest victory over the tyrant Drigin, she sets out to continue her campaign of vengeance by destroying followers of the chaotic god, Mudarar. However, when Mudarar’s eighth Disciple Drigin emerges from the dead, Evian and her new ally finds themselves fighting an even fiercer version of the “Dragon’s Fang of War”. Now in the wastelands of planet Netsirk, a battle resurges on the once thriving galactic hub of commerce. With tensions high, Evian and Maya must fight for their lives while unlocking the mysteries of their past lives to defend Netsirk’s future.

Chapter 3 - Hell's Battalion and the War Among the Stars

Evian’s unquenched thirst for vengeance leads to a hasty departure from the wastelands of Netsirk back to the devastated interior of Crimson Rituals. While Evian and her new allies recovered from battle and aligned their next objectives, Yohan senses the bloodlust of an encroaching enemy compelling them to meet the threat head-on.

Evelin the Seventh Disciple’s sadistic intent to sacrifice all things living to Mudarar’s tribute sparks an all-out war among the stars. With her throng of bionic devotees, Evelin converges on planet Netsirk’s solar system as Evian and company seek to counter the invasion and cross another Disciple off her kill list.

However, when Evian, Maya, and Yohan realize Evelin is invulnerable to all attacks, “The Beautiful Chaos” must pull out all the stops to defend against Evelin’s sinister mission or surrender the world of the Netsirk people and her new comrades' world to end in carnage.

- This young adult scifi thriller graphic novel is all you need to keep you at the edge of your seat. -